Galena Foothills

Galena if filled with fun rides, nothing crazy, but plenty of fun and flowy trials. This is a combination of footage from Brown’s Creek and Dry Pond with some friends. Good fall weather allowed for a lot of riding and a lot of fun times enjoying the outdoors.

Riding: Brian Mandio, Ben Jones, Ross Ramage, Cameron Bender, Gram, and myself.

Music: Iron Horse – Pickin’ on Modest Mouse – “Polar Opposites”

Filming and Editing: Quincy Shanks

Frozen Wonderland

The very top of Peavine can be really cold and for most of the year, always remarkably colder than the bottom where the idea to shuttle a top to bottom lap starts. Right now it is resembling an artic tundra with all the shrubs covered in pogonip and the eight inches of new snow on the ground.
Houghton Peavine Winter Wonderland 10inch
Snow Tread Peavine Winter Wonderland 10 inch

Shred with Friends – Tyrolean


     Tyrolean may be one of the funnest trails around town, it’s loose and fast, real fast. But when we showed up at the summit last week we were met with a couple inches of unexpected new snow on the trail, only at the highest elevations though. The top third felt like full blown winter, transitioning into the middle section with slush and melted snow. The dirt was awesomely tacky and wet here. Eventually we descended back into the fall more toward the bottom. These were the best conditions that we’d ridden the trail in, making for one of our most memorable rides on Tryrolean to date.

Riding: Brian Mandio, Quincy Shanks.
Filming and Editing: Quincy Shanks (additional filming from Brain Mandio.)

Music: Phantogram – “When I’m Small”

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Can’t Fight the Winter

Whether you want it or not, to each his own, you can’t fight the winter if you live around the Reno/Tahoe area. It’s best to just embrace it since it’s coming regardless, ride bikes until you can’t anymore then switch on over to skiing; that has always been my way of thinking. No stagnant time or seasonal depression (haha) waiting to switch sports that way. Just stay in the evershred mindset. Evidence of the variable weather can be seen in these two pictures taken from the top of peavine shuttles within a couple days apart.
Top of Peavine Tacoma Sun SetTop of Peavine Tacoma Shuttle

Shred with Friends Introduction


      This is the first video in a series of webisodes we will be posting throughout the fall and early winter. Every couple of weeks a new video will be released, all from different trails and places around the greater Reno/Tahoe area.

      This first video is a montage of previously shot footage both from the Sea Otter, as well as some from and old trail up in the Caughlin Ranch area of Reno. The trail up in Caughlin is no longer able to be ridden but it deserves a little screen time as a way of paying tribute.. With that being said, the remainder of the series will be new footage from what we are currently riding.

      Our goal is simple, there is no goal. We aren’t out there to try and be the fastest person on a bike, nor are we inventing tricks and trying to push the sport where it has never been before. We are just riding our bikes and having fun, plain and simple. That is the reason we all started riding bikes in the first place and it’s still what keeps us coming back. ~Enjoy

Music By: The Cardigans – Erase and Rewind

Edited By: Quincy Shanks

Mills Peak to the Animal

Murphy, Josh, Erny, and myself got in a good ride on mills peak a couple of weeks ago. Waking up with overnight rain in Reno only to find Snow at the top of the ride seems to be the theme of the fall. The start of Mills Peak had us riding through five or six inches of snow which melted quickly as the day warmed up and we descended. Soon we were mashing down a newly created stream that followed the trail or pooled up into good sized pudles, tear offs would have been a nice thing to have. Eventually we got down below where the snow line had been the previous night and got some good dirt in the middle section of the trail. When all was said and done we had sopping clothes on and only one over the bars superman.

murph world cup mud

Opting out of taking a second run for the sake of time we decided to try to find something fun on the way back to town. Some other riders we met at the bottom of Mills Peak told us to head over and check out the Animal on our home. Turned out equally awesome, although not seeming to get any moisture at all. We passed a couple guys on trials motos as we neared the top of the trail, which made for a fun challenge trying to pass them on the way down. The bottom of the trail was lit up real nice by the time we’d ridden back to the cars.
Fall Colors at The Animal

Winter Creepin

Winter has begun to show its face in the eastern Sierras.  In the past month we have had several dustings of snow in the higher elevations, daytime temperatures have gotten noticeably lower and the daylight hours have gotten shorter.  Soon, the trails around Tahoe will be snowed in and unridable. Quincy and I have been working hard lately to get enough footage collected from the Tyrolean before we have to wait for the spring thaw.

IMG_3095Gettin’ the gear together

We were greeted with about 2-3 inches of snow at the top of Mt. Rose to start our day of filming.  Our goal was to refilm specific sections of the trail to juxtapose our footage from the previous week. With the snow up top and the rain in lower elevations the trailed turned out to be perfect.  We spent the day getting the finishing touches, fighting the cold and unpredictable light conditions.  As the sun dipped below the mountains to the west we were just finishing up.  Stoked on how this first video is going to turn out, setting the tone for the rest of the videos.  Having fun and shredding with your friends is the name of the game.